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Rockets of the World - Third Edition
by Peter Alway

Rockets of the World - Third Edition

Rockets of the World has scale data for over 200 versions of 139 rockets from 14 nations.  The data includes dimensioned drawings, color-keyed drawings (B&W fill patterns representing colors), histories and over 180 photos.  In addition, Rockets of the World includes an extensive bibliography and information on mail-order sources of drawings and photographs.

This edition adds Goddard's A-5 rocket and a Congreve 300-pounder.  There are over 40 changes in it, mostly corrections, updates and improvements to drawings.  There are four photos added as well.

For anyone interested in entering scale or sport-scale events in NAR competition, this book is a "must have".  It's also great as a cocktail table book for those that just like reading up on rockets.

To see a listing of the rockets included in this book, click here.

Retro Rockets
by Peter Alway

Retro Rockets

A book about the early liquid-fueled rockets of Robert Goddard and his contemporaries in the US, Germany, and the Soviet Union.

38 rockets depicted with dimensioned, color-keyed drawings. 6 more depicted in less detail.  Many photos.  4 model plans.  96 page hardcover.

To see a listing of the rockets included in this book, click here.


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Rockets of the World
3rd Edition
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