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bulletView our Reliable Motor Cluster Ignition Technical Report.
bulletWherever critical templates are used in our kits, we include two of each.  Just in case...
bulletWhen using paper wraps, boat-tails or transitions, apply several coats of sanding sealer all over, especially at the seam and tube joints.  Sand lightly between coats with 330 or 400 grit sandpaper and it will turn out perfect!
bulletCoating balsa parts with thin CA then sanding lightly after it's dried will greatly increase the strength of the balsa without adding any significant weight.  (Note: CA is short for Cyanoacrylate.  That is the chemical name for Crazy Glue.)
bulletBefore starting construction of your rocket, wick thin CA into the ends of the body tubes.  This will increase the strength of the tube ends and will help prevent "Estes dent".  You may also wish to wick thin CA into the entire motor mount tube.  Squeeze the CA into the end of the tube held at a slight down angle until it reaches the other end.  Then roll the tube to evenly distribute the CA around the inner portion of the motor mount tube.  After it has dried, roll up a piece of sandpaper and lightly sand the inside surface until a motor can be easily inserted again.  This greatly increases the strength of the motor tube.  On models that use an engine hook, squirt some thin CA at the slit where the motor hook is inserted into the tube.  This will increase the strength in that area to help keep motor hooks from getting pushed through the tube.  Always ventilate your work area well when working with CA.
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