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Welcome to True Modeler's Rocket Kits!

New Additions! Site updated on 01-20-09!

Introducing our newest addition to the TMRK lineup. Third in our “Master Series” of scale kits (joining our Jupiter C & our Aries Fat Albert), this is a 1:20 scale model of the OSC Pegasus Launch Vehicle as prepped & launched on its first commercial flight. This kit flies on a cluster of three 24mm motors.

TMRK - OSC Pegasus
TMRK OSC Pegasus Launch Vehicle


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Our Mission

Our desire is to bring the art of model rocketry back to the roots from whence it came.   The True Modeler's Rocket Kits are designed to take you back to a time when model rocketry placed the emphasis on "modeling".  No ready-to-fly or almost-ready-to-fly kits here.  Though you may find a select few of our kits that are rated at a Skill Level 1, we are dedicated to bringing you a line of model rockets which are as challenging to build as they are fun to fly.  We promise you a line of rockets that you will enjoy and be proud to display.

All of our kits are made from the highest-quality parts available and are designed around industry-standard parts and sizes.  We do manufacture some of our own parts; such as unusual size centering rings and our synthetic, rip-resistant parachutes.  We welcome comments and questions from our customers, and promise a personalized service second to none.  We also intend on bringing you an on-line help and tips forum to answer any questions you may have.

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