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Juno 1 / Jupiter C

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Check out this great photo of our Jupiter-C kit in flight.  This is Staff Sergeant John E. Thompson's rocket going up on a G64-4W.

Interchangeable motor mount system.TMRK Juno 1/Jupiter-CBusiness end of Juno 1.
Satellite detailing.Lower nose detailing.The whole nose assembly.
Mark prep's the first flight of the beta version.Juno 1 on the way on a cluster of 4 D12-3's.
Painted and detailed version on the pad at NSL 2000.
At NSL 2000 under way on an F motor.
Juno 1 / Jupiter C

1/17.5 Super Sport Scale

Skill Level 4

Exceptionally scaled and detailed, this rocket is a masterpiece!  1/17.5 super sport scale version of America's first satellite launch vehicle.  This is our first offering that includes our unique quick-change motor mount system.  It can be flown on either a cluster of four 24mm motors or a single 29mm motor (F's, G's and H's).  You won't find a mid-power kit as well scaled and detailed as this one.  The top assembly is cradled by a 18" parachute while the bottom half is recovered by a 36" parachute.  Laser cut plywood fins, thru-the-wall fin mounting, full color decals, 1/4" launch lugs, and expertly detailed in every way.


Length Diameter Weight Recovery



34.90 oz.

18" & 36" Synthetic Parachutes

Recommended Engines Max Altitude
4-24mm D12-3 (First Flight) or E15-4
3500 Feet


Description SKU # Price
Juno 1 / Jupiter C TMRK9810

Includes Shipping (lower 48
states) and both 1x29mm
and 4x24mm motor mounts!

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