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Quick Change Motor Mounts

Quick Change Motor Mount Quick Change Motor Mount
Quick Change Motor Mount Quick Change Motor Mount
Quick Change Motor Mount Quick Change Motor Mount

Quick-Change Motor Mount System

Skill Level 2

This is a unique and exciting accessory for the experienced modeler. As quick and easy as replacing a spent motor casing, you can change the "power house" of your rocket to suit whatever size field you happen to be flying in that day. Originally designed for the Saturn V Series  (3.900" Dia.) kits, this option can be installed in any rocket whose body tube diameter exceeds 2.600". Developed to change the motor mount back and forth from three "C" motors to four "D" motors, to a single "E", "F" or "G" motor in the Saturn V, we have widened the scope of this to work with just about any large diameter rocket. Basically, you tell us the size of the body tube and what motor configurations you desire, and we custom manufacture the kit to fill your requirements. For ease of integration, we highly recommend that this modification be installed at the initial construction of the kit. Basic knowledge of determining a rocket's center of gravity is required.

The current motor configurations available are as follows:

1 X 18mm
3 X 18mm
4 X 18mm
5 X 18mm
1 X 24mm
3 X 24mm
4 X 24mm
1 X 29mm

The motor mount system entails two separate pieces. The primary mount which is permanently epoxied into the rocket and the motor canisters. You need to order one primary mount and then add whatever motor canister configurations you wish to use.


Description SKU # Price
Quick-Change Motor Mount System

Primary Motor Mount for 3.9" Airframes (Required)
1 X 18mm Motor Canister
3 X 18mm Motor Canister
4 X 18mm Motor Canister
5 X 18mm Motor Canister
1 X 24mm Motor Canister
3 X 24mm Motor Canister
4 X 24mm Motor Canister
1 X 29mm Motor Canister
Saturn V Retrofit Kit
(Required when installing in Sat V)





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Custom Centering Rings

We are offering for sale some of the custom centering rings we make for our kits. The first is the CR0550 which centers a BT5 tube in a BT50 tube. The second is the DCR2060. This unique ring centers two BT20 tubes in a BT60 tube. Our third set is the CR2460, a heavy-duty black composite ring for centering our foil-lined 24mm motor tube into a BT-60.

Centering Ring SKU # Pricing
CR0550 TMCK9901 $1.60 pair / Six for $4.00
DCR2060 TMCK9902 $1.50 pair / Six for $3.75
CR2460 TMCK9903 $1.75 pair / Six for $4.50

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Foil-Lined Motor Tube

Not every cloud has a silver lining, but our heavy-duty, reinforced foil-lined 24mm motor tube does! 2.75 long.

NOTE: Custom sizes of our motor tube are available. Ask for a quote. Lengths are available up to 34.

Motor Tube SKU # Pricing
MT24 TMMT9901 .75 Each

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