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TMRK Triple ZIPMy daughter Brianna shows us her Mini ZIP.
Triple ZIP

Skill Level 1

Do you have an attitude for altitude?  Feel the need for speed?  Then this kit is for you!  Actually three kits in one, these buggers are aptly named for how they ZIP off the launch pad.  The Mini ZIP uses the 13mm mini engine, the Mighty ZIP uses standard "A" thru "C" motors and the Maxi ZIP uses the mighty "D" engine. (Though a few experienced modelers have been brave enough to fly this one on an "E" also.)  All flights are out of sight in a ZIP!  Each employs featherweight / tumble recovery and are ready to launch again in a ZIP.


Kit Length Diameter Weight Recovery
Mini Zip 4.875" 0.544" 0.095 oz. Tumble/Featherweight
Mighty Zip 6.625" 0.736" 0.145 oz. Tumble/Featherweight
Maxi Zip 8.625" 0.976" 0.265 oz. Tumble/Featherweight
Kit Recommended Engines Max Altitude
Mini Zip 1/4A3-3T (First Flight), 1/2A3-2T, A3-4T or A10-3T 1500 Feet
Mighty Zip A8-3 (First Flight), B4-6, B6-6, C6-5 or C6-7 2000 Feet
Maxi Zip D12-5 (First Flight) or E15-7 3800 Feet


Description SKU # Price
Triple ZIP TMRK9803 $12.95

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